House of Cards and The

Recently, I watched the first season of ‘House of Cards’ . In it the rebellious and strong willed journalist ,Zoe, moves from her role as a reporter for the Washington Herald to the upcoming newspaper: Slugline. Slugline has a culture of quick and edgy reporting that suits Zoe’s character. It takes on the status quo […]

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Hypocrites and Nose Pickers

I was a serial nose picker as a young lad. The vicious disease struck me anytime I was bored. Needless to say it was frowned upon by my parents, but I continued digging for gold. When my little sister started doing it, I scolded her. ‘It’s disgusting’ I would say. And when no one was […]

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Becoming A Hermit

I don’t watch movies with my family. Why?  Because I prefer to read or meditate or do work on the computer instead. This holiday I’ve spent my evenings planning social media posts or responding to people on Twitter or Facebook.  Mum calls this ‘Hermit behaviour‘.  I call it productivity. As I finished up a House […]

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Fuck Ups Happen

We arrived into France yesterday evening. After we reached the apartment, Mam and Dad went off to get some food for dinner. It wasn’t long before their bubble of hope was punctured- literally. The front wheel of the car burst and we ended up eating baguettes at 10pm. This morning Dad and I went to […]

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